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What is an E-Waste Event?

At an E-Waste Event, our Partner invites members of a community to drop off any electronic devices so that they can be appropriately recycled by The Junkluggers of Greater Dallas' skilled team of junk haulers. The goal is to keep these items out of landfills and to ensure that they can be turned into new, functional products, while keeping hazardous chemicals out of a landfill and our water supply. If requested, we can even provide certificates of destruction for the hard drives of any computers we collect!

Even better, our E-Waste Events cost you $0, so all you need to do is put in the effort to market your event!

How to set up an E-Waste Event with us:

Help your community get rid of e-waste!

Here is an up-close look at what your E-Waste Event might entail

We partner with community-oriented organizations and businesses to select a date, time, and location for your event. The partnering organization is responsible for the marketing of the event to their community, while we handle all the logistics, transportation, and recycling of the unwanted electronics.

The location should be at a site that is central to the community and will allow plenty of space for us to park our Junkluggers trucks with the container lowered to the ground, a sorting area, storage of the collected e-waste, and easy traffic flow.

Here are a few pro tips for your E-Waste Event:

  • E-Waste Events work very well when paired with other community events – Spring Carnival, Fourth of July Party, etc.
  • These events can even be expanded to include collection of items for other charitable efforts – e.g. food banks, pet adoption centers, and clothing drives.

Steps to hosting a successful event:

In order to have exceptional turnout for your event, it is essential to partake in careful planning to ensure success. Here is what you can be doing to prepare:

  1. Identify a good partner community. These can include community centers, homeowners’ associations, schools, businesses with a loyal following, nonprofit organizations, and places of worship - including churches, synagogues, mosques, and beyond.
  2. Host the initial meeting. Holding a meeting will ensure that the community is aligned on how, when, and where the event will occur.
  3. Develop marketing materials. Coordinate with the rest of your group and the community to create marketing materials, including posters, social media posts, and any other methods for relaying information you can think of!
  4. Market, market, market! The success of your event depends on effective marketing strategies.
    • One month before the event: The Partner should start announcing the event via newsletters, mailers, emails, and/or weekly announcements.
    • One week prior to the event: The Partner should ensure that messaging continues and has reached everyone. If the community supports the idea, we can provide yard signs or banners to be put out ahead of the event to remind the community members of the date and time.
  5. Day of the event! On the day of your event, it is crucial to ensure that traffic flow is directed appropriately, and that there is clear signage indicating the event is occurring.

Why host an E-Waste Event for your community, organization, or membership?

Here’s one of our trucks full of electronics from an E-Waste Event

During one of our E-Waste Events in Greater Dallas, we collected a truck load of electronics from the local community, keeping these items out of landfills!

There are many benefits to hosting an E-Waste Event for your community, including the following:

  • Micro (Members of the Community): They're able to get rid of unwanted piles of e-waste—including computers, gaming systems, power cords, phones, and anything else with a power cord or battery—in an ethical, easy, and COVID safe manner.
  • Medium (The Entire Community): Our Partner is able to provide their membership with a service that is highly appreciated and greatly needed. After the event, they will have the ability to report back to their community on the positive impact of their event. All at no cost to the community itself!
  • Macro (The World): When you host an e-waste event with The Junkluggers of Greater Dallas, you can rest assured knowing that you and your community have made a difference, because you have prevented countless hazardous items from entering a local landfill! Instead, you have allowed unwanted electronics to live a second life, giving the planet time to bounce back.

What items can we take for your community members?

The Junkluggers of Greater Dallas works hard to collect a wide variety of unwanted electronics, including power strips, DVD players, laptops, and so much more. Peruse our handy list of items we can and can't take below.

Partner with us for your E-Waste Event in Greater Dallas! Give us a call today at 1-844-902-3313 to learn more about this process and whether you can host an event with us.

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